Chef Nicolas Boussin best French pastry, you learn to make cake with passion fruit tropical

A cake worthy of the great cuisines of the world can prepare with patience and the right advice at home. Chef Nicolas Boussin, one of the leading confectionery in the world, you learn to prepare cake “Finger Food Exotique”, a fine blend of cream with passion fruit jelly banana, pistachio crust and crust with coconut and white chocolate . it is said that no other country can compete in the confectionery France, and we believe that is true. Confectionery fraceza amazes every time the flavors and spectacular cakes, designed and created by the best pastry in the world.
Chef Nicolas Boussin we revealed complete recipe for this delicious cake. One called “finger food” that can be eaten directly by hand despite its elaborate layout. The taste and the combination of flavors beyond any imagination.

El Lisan

About 3 million years ago, this area was repeatedly flooded by the waters of the Red Sea, after these processes and climate changes created a lake which occupied the Dead Sea Rift current called Sodom lake, brackish deposits with thicknesses up to 3 km aridele Dead Sea is bordered by hills of Judea to the west, and plateaus biblical Moab and Edom to the east lake is divided into 2 El Lisan peninsula north side is larger and deeper, and in the southern , the average depth is only 6m, where the columns of salt These are actually the top of a thick layer of sediments, whose deposition started with over two million years ago the Jordan River and other smaller rivers and quickly evaporated in the heat of summer days, the temperature went over 50 degrees Celsius, leaving debris on the bottom of clay, sand, salt and gypsum
In very wet winters, daily flows into the Dead Sea over 6.5 million tons of water until the beginning of 1979, the Dead Sea was composed of two layers which differ in salinity, the density, temperature and the old layer deeper into the sea at the time was completely saturated with salt since 1960, the Dead Sea began to decline, mainly due to irrigation systems that feed the Jordan River and because of increasingly smaller quantities of rain in each This year has resulted in the combination of the two layers of the water for the first time, a few centuries onward


The Dead Sea is among the 14 finalists in an international competition, made on the internet to choose the 7 Wonders of Nature Around the Dead Sea there are several settlements: Ein Gedi, Neve Zohar and the Israeli settlements in the Megilot Regional Council: Kalya, Mitzpe Shalem and Avnat the past 40 years, the water level of the Dead Sea has dropped by about 20 feet deep sediments extracted from the Dead Sea have shown that this remarkable accumulation of water died 120,000 years ago in the Sea sediments dead contain pebbles round, the team of researchers has associated with a deposit of sand on a beach ancient dead Sea is one of the great places of the world sea has a fluctuation of the level, with alternating ice ages with the global warming, over time annual average temperatures in the summer are between 32-39 degrees Celsius, and in winter between 20-23 degrees Celsius is one of the most simple yet beautiful sights in the world, famous recreational areas, and effective treatments pride of Israel and the Dead Sea is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world among the places worth visiting include: numerous localities biblical Judean desert oasis of Ein Gedi cave Qurman-seat section pre-Christian Essence fortress Masada, Mount Sodom, ancient monasteries, the famous resort of Ein Bokek

Dead Sea

Dead Sea, known as the Great
Salt, lies between Israel and Jordan,
and it really is not great, but a salty lake that
is at 438 meters below sea level, the
so the lowest point on earth
The depth of this lake is very large,
it being 377 meters and so is the
deepest lake in the world 33.7%
the salinity is high,
thus 9 times higher than water
the ocean Dead Sea has a length of 67 
km and a width of 18 km, and tributary
principal of this great river is the Jordan
because it was the Jordan Rift Valley.
During its geological history, the United
Dead was occupied by a series of lakes that
disappeared and reappeared in time to the climate and geology of the last of these lakes known as Lake Lisan, Arava Valley stretching from the Sea of ​​Galilee Climate change caused considerable fluctuations in water level of the Dead Sea sediments have been filed in different lakes that occupied the area with laminated varves evaporitic and detrital These seasonal deposits also indicates climate fluctuations and accu! tion administration are sensitive rupture excellent paleoseismic and activity